Where I’m goin’

When I first started planning this trip in earnest, I had no specific destination in mind. I was just going to go. Time with my horses, in the saddle, on the road, in this big wide beautiful world.

How hard can it be, I wondered, riding from somewhere in California to somewhere in Colorado?


It got complicated as many dreams do as we begin to bring them to life.

And then something else happened.

Things changed, as will happen, and I found myself planning some route that was meant to be the quickest way from Point A to Point B, from one place to the next. From here to there sort of thing which often overlooks all that middle ground.

Mind you, horseback riding from California to Colorado, no matter the route, isn’t likely to be quick. And is likely to have a lot of middle ground. Months of it.

Still, the focus changed. I guess that’s it. It became focus driven. It was all about getting there, and there was a specific date at a specific time that was neat and tidy and linear and made sense to everyone who asked.

Everyone but me. And probably not my horses either if they could tell me so.

So no thanks. Regroup. Slow down.

See, I don’t want this voyage to be about getting somewhere. I want it to be about being out there.

As in, “it’s the journey, not the destination” sort of thing.

So now I’m back on track, planning a flexible route that will let the horses lead. It’s not about getting somewhere according to my schedule or agenda. It’s about finding food and water for my horses, caring well for them and providing a safe passage, a good journey, wherever the road leads us… and making the most of wherever that may be.

It’s not an ego led passage trying to get from here to there, and there’s definitely no rush.

Remember: It’s not about getting somewhere. It’s about being out there.

With that in mind and heart and soul, I’m heading out there for the ride.

A long, quiet ride…

~ ~ ~

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