GF Liz delivering hay, goodies and friendship.
Trail angels Yota, Big Foot, and PCT hiker Mango

Trail angels. It’s a thing. A beautiful thing. And it is somehow essential for the soul.

I thought this was going to be an inward journey. I have been wrong about so many things. This is one more. It is far more about reaching out and connecting. Even a lot of the ever scary asking for help. And receiving. Thank you so sincerely to all those who have been there for me already. You have been a blessing. Without you, we’ll, I would have given up already.

Right now I’m asking to see if anyone has suggestions for a safe place to stay with the horses in FALL RIVER MILLS. I need to give the horses a day off, get a new saddle pad for Canela, and find internet so I can figure out where the hell I’m going. Any ideas, please DM me. Thank you.

Fellow horse loving angels
Angel Elena
Little angels

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