Hairy Monsters

A friend once told me:

In the absence of communications,

hairy monsters grow.

We all know how that happens.

And really, no one likes hairy monsters.

So we try to communicate, with others, and with ourselves, in hopes of preventing those monsters from getting out of control.

Well, I’ll tell you what. Right now. Those monsters are growing. I’ve been putting off answering questions that others have been asking me, and honestly, that I’ve been asking myself.

So here it goes.

The first thing folks ask me, I finally have the answer to.

When are you leaving?

Okay, here is is in writing: Sunday, May 7th.

The second thing I get asked a lot is:

Which way are you going?

Of course I am not going to tell you exactly because there are some creepy people out there. I know too well. But I can tell you more or less. I’m planning on heading north then east. Working my way through northern California, into Oregon, across through Idaho, and cutting down to Utah, Wyoming, and if I make it that far, Colorado.

It’s about water. Following reliable water sources to provide for the horses. Much as I love Highway 50 and Nevada (and I do), that route was simply not going to work, unless my husband drove along beside me each day with a water truck. And though I thought that was a good idea, well, you can imagine he was not as excited.

And the third question I hear from time to time (and I ask just as often) is this:

Can I join you?

And the answer is likely: Yes. At least for a little while. I am hoping friends and family will join up from time to time. Especially and often: my husband. Likewise I’m hoping to meet good folks along the way. This may be a solo journey, but it need not always be done alone. Bring your bike, your motorbike, your hiking boots, your RV. The open road is meant to be shared. And hospitality shall be warmly welcomed.

There we go.

No more hairy monsters.

At least, not for today.

~ ~ ~

#horseadventure #spiritualjourney #wildride

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