It’s not pretty. It’s not polished or smooth or comfortable. It’s not easy. In fact, so far it is a helluva lot harder than I thought it would be. Blame it on a learning curve. This one like a tsunami The horses and I are out of shape, over the hill, and wondering whose idea was this anyway?

I left this:

Riverwind Ranch, Hyampom CA

For this:

First night is kinda crappy.
Snowbank crossing

But along the way, we catch glimpses of generosity, curiosity, kindness and hospitality. Glimpses of restoring  trust and faith in humanity.  Glimpses of what it might feel like to get in the groove. Give it time.  Give it time.  In the meanwhile, there is alternating between bouts of frustration and self doubt,  and this overwhelm of gratitude, awe and love. For my husband.  My horses.  My family.  My friends.  Strangers who aren’t so strange.  And this land,  this truly beautiful land.

Trinity County California

Keep riding. Keep trying. Trust and believe. Try to remember to smile when what you want to do is cry. Reach out. God that helps. Connection. People. You. That’s a new realization for me.

And then we find this:

Ackerly Mountain, Hayfork CA

And the horses tell me, this is far enough. And I tell them, a little reluctantly, but my darlings, we have only begun.

#alongquietride #wild ride #horse adventure #spiritualjourney

5 thoughts on “Beginning.

  1. Congratulatuons on making it this far. What an accomplishment! Gin, I’m on the board of nonprofit Boulder County Horse Association and would like to share your blog if OK with you? We could all use some inspiration!! Sending warm hugs on cold nights,

  2. Dear Gin,
    You have been ever present in my thoughts and heart these last three days.
    I am rooting for you! And in awe of your bravery, stamina and sheer will power!
    I hear and honor all that you are experiencing. Wow! It is a lot!
    Sending you and your companions mucho love and strength.

  3. This is so exciting… like a fantastic book. Really look forward to following you along the long ride. Hugs and be safe…

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