A hot slow ride.

So long Trinity County with your scars of burns, grows, fires lines and logging roads and all the beauty and character they add to your wild mountains and rivers. See you again soon.

To all those in wildwood who helped and shared so much, especially Darcy, Tracy, Rick and Chadwick . Thanks to Liz for joining me at Critter Creek. And the biggest thanks to my honey for fixing my flat.

Back on the road again. Into Shasta County where it was hot and dry and we rode about 4 miles too far, and found yet another angel awaiting us.

And… happy mothers day to all those amazing mamas i know and love. Starting with my own, my sis, my aunt, and so many of my beautiful friends.

#alongquietride #horseadventure #wildride #spiritualjourney

6 thoughts on “A hot slow ride.

  1. Love You Gin! Thank you for taking us along with you on your incredible Brave Journey. Incredible photos and praying for calm and excitement at the same time 🤣 🙏

  2. We are enjoying your posts Gin! It sounds like you had a flat, but we were guessing that was on Bob’s way back after checking on you?
    Love and prayers for a safe and amazing journey. Hope that you enjoyed some rest on Mother’s Day too! Love you, Lorena & Jim

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